[H] [Draenor] <The Veil> hc raiding

Hi everyone,

The Veil is a new guild recruiting for Ny’olatha, aiming for a semi-hardcore approach to progress in the long-term. We will initially focus on clearing heroic while we build a team of reliable players, but hope to move on to mythic when we feel ready. We want to push as far as we can without sacrificing the friendly atmosphere, and are looking for capable and committed players who share our values.

Before anything, our top priority is and always will be to maintain a friendly, relaxed and respectful atmosphere. We believe that raids can be focussed and efficient whilst also remaining fun for everyone. Mistakes happen and patience is a must - negative behaviour and attitudes won’t be tolerated. At the same time, we expect focus, preparation and commitment to improving.

Currently we are looking for:
Ranged DPS, priest healer

Our Raid times are:
Wednesday and Monday 8-11pm Server Time

So if you are looking for a friendly, welcoming community but also care about performance and progress then we might just be the guild for you! We are still in the recruitment stages so this is a great opportunity to be a core member of a new guild and raid team from the ground up. If you like what you’ve read then please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you :grinning:

Discord - Jahenna#3774, Bnet - Jahenna#21809

Hey all,

Send you all a request. I’d like to know more!

My bnet jddv1910#2336

We’re still looking for all friendly and committed players who are looking for something new. Get in touch for a chat!

Add me on: Discord - Jahenna#3774, Bnet - Jahenna#21809

We’re looking full on melee now I’m afraid, but still on the lookout for ranged dps, a tank, and a couple of healers :slight_smile:

Hey all,

We’re particularly keen to hear from a few more ranged - bonus points for fire mage and disc priest!

We’re still looking for a couple more ranged dps and a holy/disc priest - get in touch if interested :slight_smile: