[H] <Draenor> Try-Hard Casual LF Guild


Sup! I’m currently playing Shaman, main resto, and off ele, but essentially can play anything. I’m looking for a guild that does m+, raiding, aiming for at least Heroic Battle for Dazar’Alor (don’t have the time to mythic raid).

I’m playing currently casual, but aiming to perform the best that I can with anything that I pick up (I mean talents, stats, rotation etc.) I do YouTube content so end up playing more classes, but I am focusing on Shaman for the moment.
I’m pretty chill, I don’t particularly like elitism but I don’t have fun playing with people that never strive to improve.

Because of my YouTube, I can’t focus on Mythic raiding or pushing keys over 15, but once I settle on a main, I want to push the content that I do to the max.

Right now I’m lvling alts and looking for people to play with, hopefully chatting on discord, bantering and stuff :smiley:

If you have room for another wow loving nerd, /w me on Elekingu, Flameyo, Dakingu (Some of my chars I play atm)!

See you in game:D


Hello Elekingu

I run a guild that clears Heroic every tier, we do go mythic when rdy (8/8 hc, 2/8 Mythic) but we aim to keep it fun. I have put our guild post below - we currently are looking for more dps and u are very welcome to join us - We will be going new raid on the 22nd.

Guild Name:
Undaunted Server : Draenor

Raid Times: Wed/Thur/Sun from 20:00 to 22:30 Server Time
Raid Prog: 8/8 NM ~ 8/8 HC ~ 2/8 M

We are looking to recruit and expand our roster so we can build a solid and consistent team.
We are mainly a Heroic focused, this to keep the raiding fun and we know IRL can get in the way, however we do like to push into mythic when ready and with those that want to . As this is a game we all enjoy casual / social players are much needed and welcome.

Discord is required for raiding, link will be in guild noted.

We are now looking to build the roster for the next raid tier - all classes and spec are welcome. if you are new to raiding and want to dip your toe in then you are welcome, we will provide advise and help within the guild.

We mainly need dps any class

Shugg ~ Shugg#21137~ Raid Leader ~ GM