[H] Dream Infusion 3/9M lf MW monk and ranged


< Dream Infusion > 8/8M are recruiting knowledgeable, experienced mythic raiders to join our team for Cutting Edge.

Looking for;
MW Monk
All ranged classes

Raid Times; Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (invites start at 19:45) 20:00-23:00 ST.

:arrow_right: Good behaviour and attitude towards your guild-mates
:arrow_right: Attendance, as close to 100% as possible
:arrow_right: Mythic raiding experience
:arrow_right: Willingness to take criticism of your performance
:arrow_right: Healthy Competitive spirit as a DPS, always be willing to improve
:arrow_right: Maturity for when/if you have to be benched on a certain raid/boss
:arrow_right: Discord and having a Mic is a must

We also have a Heroic Team that are currently recruiting all classes and specs.

Please contact; LollyPop#21716 in game.


Now also looking for Warlocks


Updated our progress and what classes we are recruiting.


Updated progress and recruitment.


You guys still looking for a Mw monk? I am 400ilvl 1300 raider io, just transfered from ally 6/9 hc with pugs because i dont have a guild yet


Hey there, yes we are still looking. Please contact ingame LollyPop#21726. Regards, Milkshaké.