[H] Druid Healer LF Guild


I am a Druid Healer looking for a mature guild to Raid with and do M+ dungeons my higest experience with raiding is Heroic raiding through out the expansions and in DF I’ve done 8/8 normal and 2/8 HC

I have a Mic and my prefered raiding times are between 7PM and 12PM server time days do not matter to me as I am really flexible with those

My item level 373 on my Druid but I have a 385 mage I raided with… but to be completely honest I am better at healing then I am at dps

Add me on discord if you wanna get into contact: PatrickDJ#0472

Hiya, I tried to add you but you are not accepting friends, if you could add:
Kahime#3502 so we can chat to see if we are the right place for you

Hell on Wheels is a newly formed guild that aims to continue HC progression. The guild was founded by a group of people who have been playing together for a long time and love to play in a community. Discord is always active and we enjoy doing m+ dungeons and raids.

All applications are currently open and we are open for discussion.

What we looking?

Veterans, beginners, frendly, mature players who enjoy the game and like to raid and do m+…or just hang on Discord and chat. Ofc socials are welcome.

We tried several guilds and realized that for progression it might be best to try our guild.

We are currently NORMAL 8/8 and HC 4/8 with pug players. We believe that with a full roster, we will continue the progression easily.

Tank: 1 spot
DPS: ranged (but melee can be considered)
Healer: priest, monk, pala, evoker, druid

Raid days
Wed 20:00-23:00

Sun 20:00-23:00

If you want to join us and become part of us contact us.

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