(H) Efficiency Of Draenor LF DPS

(Shaddel) #23

Need those dps for mythic! Efficiency welcomes you

(Shádds) #24

In need of mages comon guys dont be shy :smiley:

(Shaddel) #25

Dps if you are looking for a new home come try us out or come speak with us


We at Efficiency are looking for more dps to help us progress through mythic content and the next raid as it comes around the corner!

(Shaddel) #27

Currently on a christmas break until the 3rd of january, we are however still recruiting for uldir and the upcoming raid on the 22nd on jan.


Still on our Christmas break but still recruiting!

(Shaddel) #29

Christmas break is coming to end, ready to get back to raiding, hopefully with some new faces! Happy new year everybody!

(Shádds) #32

Searching for ranged dps(some melee) and 1 healer to compliment our current raid team. Get in touch o/

(Shaddel) #33

Update: now looking for a resto druid and some dps.

360 resto druid LF new guild

Still looking

(Shaddel) #35

still recruiting guys

Tauren fury warr 371 ilvl LF raiding/m+ guild

What should i do to join your guild?

(Shaddel) #37

hey dude add me on shads#1964 for a chat


Updated for new roles, Come have a chat with us and see if were the guild for you

(Shaddel) #39

need them dps to fill the last spots!!


Roster boss defeated and so was zek 3/8 m now :smiley:

[H] Arms/Fury Warrior looking for HC raiding + more
(Shaddel) #41

Dps spots are still open!

[H]War LF semi-hardcore guild

Still have a few dps spots open for a 30 man team, get me on battle.net or apply via the form

(Shaddel) #43

Updated class requirements, come join us for dazar’alor


Updated class requirements, come join us for dazar’alor