[H] Ele Shaman+Warrior looking for active m+/raiding guild (Tarren Mill)



we’re two friends, recently switched to Horde and in need of active guild with healthy playerbase doing both m+ and raids. We were fairly successful in our previous endeavours, earning curve in Uldir and also in Battle for Dazar’alor. We are also very fond of pushing high keys in dungeons, where we were able to cross the 1,5k rio points threshold. What we expect is a mature guild that knows how to have fun but also how to down bosses, raids two days per week , preferably Wed/Sun and has a roster to progress mythic difficulty.

More details:

  1. Times available & time zone: We usually play from around 6 PM CET every day.
  2. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore.
  3. Contact info: Sekyno#2765.


Shammy: Darghrum
Warrior: Thrullion

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