[H] <ERECT> recruiting. Semi-hardcore, all content oriented

Fresh semi-hardcore guild looking for active players who are interested in participating in all the content the game has to offer, not just raiding. Although we are still interested in raiding as fast and efficiently as possible.

We created this guild because we feel we can do a better job at providing players with a well-organized semi-hardcore raiding experience, unlike some of the guilds out there who advertise themselves as such while being much closer to casual in reality.

We are also part of the only group of horde guilds on the server that regularly contests and kills world bosses!

Loot system: Loot council.

Raid days: Tuesday + Wednesday, so if you have to respec for PvE it’s only once every 14 days.

RT: 20:00

You can read more in ‘about-us’ channel in our discord: discord.gg/tEJ8ZMU

You can whisper Turian, Jolly or Spump in game or apply through discord (type /apply in the application channel).


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