[H] EU-Ashbringer < Daytime > Afternoon/Weekend Raids TBC


We are a brand new EU-Ashbringer Horde guild, currently recruiting for TBC.

What sets us apart is that we play mostly during the daytime, in the afternoon and early evening.
25-man raids will be between 15:30 - 18:30 on weekends. (Server Time)

About Us

We started with a few people on Discord that live overseas and can not commit to regular raid times. Over the last few weeks we gathered a bunch of more people, ran polls to decide on faction and server and started to build up a roster for 25-man raiding.

We will raid in a semi-casual fashion with the intention to clear new content within the first month of release in a relaxed, yet focused, raiding environment.

As we are a TBC guild, things are a little quiet at the moment but it will pickup as pre-patch hits and people start gearing up for the expansion.
Most of our members are currently waiting for character transfers / boosts to become available.

Loot Rules

DKP with small weekly decay
Main spec > secondary main spec > off spec*
Some exceptional items will initially be available only for core raiders (e.g. Warglaives)

*this means a few people can choose a secondary main specc, they will get prio on off specc loot but will be the first ones required to respecc should the need arise.

Expectations to our raid members

  • Aim for pre-raid BiS as a priority ahead of 25-man raiding.
  • Appropriate enchants and gems for your character & role.
  • Bring sufficient consumables
  • Be a team player. We want to develop a community as well as a raid team, so toxicity and selfish players are not welcome.


  • No unreasonable min-maxing requests will be made of players. You are free to use whichever professions you want to.

Our ranks are filling quickly, so do not hesitate to let us know if you plan to join and with which class. We are currently full on Warriors and Shadow Priests, all other classes are still open.
We are especially in need of more Healers, Paladins, Hunter and Warlocks.
Check the roster channel on Discord for details.

Discord: https://discord.gg/5uTgNYQaGx

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