[H][EU][Defias Brotherhood] <BANISHED> 2-day (Fri/Sun) Heroic Raiding & Fun ⭐


BANISHED (18+) is a Heroic raiding guild for those who enjoy having a laugh with like-minded people.
Whether it’s progressing through HC content with our raid team on Sun, getting blind drunk on a casual Fri, or squeezing your Tauren into a bikini to be a show girl for a guild event, there’s something for you in Banished. :grin:

:small_orange_diamond: Besides being a varied bunch from many cultures and walks of life, we appreciate:
:white_small_square: Playful banter
:white_small_square: Amazing transmogs
:white_small_square: Helping each other
:white_small_square: Occasional Social events - including our very own “Dazzling Rod Tournament”!
:white_small_square: Questioning the sanity of the GM

:small_orange_diamond: What do we expect from you?
:white_small_square: Great sense of humor and ability to take a joke
:white_small_square: Be a nice person. We don’t expect everyone to get along 100% of the time, but if you’re constantly causing issues you will be removed
:white_small_square: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for drama in our community and we don’t babysit
:white_small_square: Above all, remain honorable. What you do reflects on the entire guild

:small_orange_diamond: BFA Raid Times
:white_small_square: Friday 19:45 - 23:00 Game Time
Friday raids are open to everyone meeting min. requirements (nothing scary, we promise!).
Usually Normal runs, or HC if we’re done progressing.
:white_small_square: Sunday 18:45 - 22:00 Game Time
Sunday raids are mainly HC progress-raids and are dedicated to our Raid team.

Even though Banished will always remain a social, casual guild, we have a committed Raid Team;
The Vanguard , for those that want to experience Heroic Raid Content with the guild.

We’re mainly a HC guild aiming for Curve, but we’ll always try some Mythic content, if our time and progression allows it.

We also do M+ runs throughout the week of varying difficulties, and optional events on Saturday evenings, such as Transmog runs & competitions, Quiz nights, BGs etc.

If you want to join us either as a Social Member, Raider or PvPer, poke one of our Recruiters in game (see below), or do /who Banished and ask anyone if you can get in contact with a recruiter.

We’re looking forward to welcome you into our community! :raised_hands:

Xaeleth / TaylorMade#21175
Hargoloth / Dissidia#2423
Shailangor / Shail#2284


At the moment we enjoy having pool parties in Crucible of Storms poking all of the eyes of N’zoth in there — come join the fun!


Shortly after the pool party we thought we’d warm up with Jadefire Masters after getting nice and toasty they were all worn out so decided to take a little nap until next week!


Don’t have a diving certificate yet?
We’re planning to take a trip to Nazjatar soon, so now’s your chance!
Join us while we’re collecting seashells to make our GM pretty oh so pretty! :prince::sparkles:


Is your in game sexuality promiscuous? Well you’re in luck, Banished is still recruiting for 8.2 and we need every cloven hoofed swimsuit model possible.
Our GM is also still pretty unsightly so help us fix that.


8.2 is just around the corner and we’re excited to welcome some new members!
We’ll continue focusing on having fun, HC raiding and some m+ in the evenings. Aside from that, Tmog runs, Social events and occasional PVP can be found on our calendar.
And on the nights you maybe don’t feel like playing WoW, there’s guildies to team up with, and banish some big bad monsters in other games!

If you are still looking for a guild to call ‘home’, our doors are always open. :hugs:


Hey, this is something I could potentially be interested in. Tried looking for you online this evening but looks like you just finished the raids etc. Few of the Bnet contacts added


Hey Belorra - let’s see if we can ‘catch’ each other on today or tomorrow then :slight_smile: Until then!