[H][EU][Defias Brotherhood] <BANISHED> (9/9HC, 2/9M) 2-day (Fri/Sun) Casual Raiding & Fun :)


BANISHED (18+) is a casual raiding guild for those who enjoy having a laugh with like-minded people.
Whether it’s progressing through HC content with our raid team on Sun, getting blind drunk on a casual Fri, or squeezing your Tauren into a bikini to be a show girl for a guild event, there’s something for you in Banished. :grin:

:small_orange_diamond: Besides being a varied bunch from many cultures and walks of life, we appreciate:
:white_small_square: Playful banter
:white_small_square: Amazing transmogs
:white_small_square: Helping each other
:white_small_square: Occasional Social events
:white_small_square: Questioning the sanity of the GM

:small_orange_diamond: What do we expect from you?
:white_small_square: Great sense of humor and ability to take a joke
:white_small_square: Be a nice person. We don’t expect everyone to get along 100% of the time, but if you’re constantly causing issues you will be removed
:white_small_square: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for drama in our community and we don’t babysit
:white_small_square: Above all, remain honorable. What you do reflects on the entire guild

:small_orange_diamond: BFA Raid Times
:white_small_square: Friday 19:45 - 23:00 Game Time
Friday raids are open to everyone meeting min. requirements (nothing scary, we promise!).
Usually Normal runs, or HC if we’re done progressing.
:white_small_square: Sunday 18:45 - 22:00 Game Time
Sunday raids are mainly HC progress-raids and are dedicated to our Raid team.

Even though Banished will always remain a social, casual guild, we have a committed Raid Team;
The Vanguard , for those that want to experience Heroic Raid Content with the guild.

We’re mainly a HC guild aiming for Curve, but we’ll always try some Mythic content, if our time and progression allows it.

We also do M+ runs throughout the week of varying difficulties, and optional events on Saturday evenings, such as Transmog runs & competitions, Quiz nights, BGs etc.

If you want to join us either as a Social Member, Raider or PvPer, poke one of our Recruiters in game (see below), or do /who Banished and ask anyone if you can get in contact with a recruiter.

We’re looking forward to welcome you into our community! :raised_hands:

Xaeleth / TaylorMade#21175
Hargoloth / Dissidia#2423
Shailangor / Shail#2284