[H][EU] Doomhammer/Turalyon LFG guild with specific raid timings


Hi all,

I’m a semi-hardcore raider from India. Due to my work timings, I am unable to raid with most guilds raiding from 2000 hrs server time. I am looking for a raiding guild that starts raiding at around 1700/1800 hrs server time. I am currently playing on the EU server Doomhammer (connected with Turalyon), so would be happy to find a guild on those realms. However, I am open to exploring other realms on the EU with such raid timings as well (I will realm transfer if needed).

PS: I’m a 380 assassination rogue, but am also leveling an elemental shaman and a feral druid.

Looking forward to any responses.
Best Regards,


Well , you can try out an indian guild on EU-Draenor called .
Its a raiding guild which usually raids at 20:00 to 21:00 IST can is a friendly guild. We speak in hindi and english both.