[H] [EU] [Draenor] <Blacklight> Going For CE in Castle Nathria! Looking for M+ Pushers!

We are going into shadowlands strong!!! We have many people from all over the world! But we want more!
High Skilled Raiders / M+ Players / PvP!

We will be going into shadowlands looking to raid in a semi-hardcore fashion 3 days a week again!
Raid days and times are as follows:- (All times are Server Time)
Thursdays 8 pm - 11 pm (Mythic)
Fridays 8 pm - 11 pm (Heroic)
Tuesdays 8 pm - 11 pm (Mythic)
(These days and times are set going into shadowlands!)
Classes we want- (Raid)
Warrior (Dps)
Warlock (Dps)

We are looking for M+ members who would like to push high keys with us!
We want to try and put together a team of people of a really high skill level to push as far as possible! Level 25+ Keys! Or maybe more?
Classes we want- (M+)
Tanks! - All of them!!!
Healers! - Everything!!!
Dps! - Everything!!!

Socials are always welcome! The more the merrier!
Come have a chat with us in discord, have a laugh, and chill!

Please get in touch with our officers if you need any questions answered.

Contact Info:-

GM - Ghanjun (IGN) / Sassink#2340 (BNET)
RaidLeader/Officer - Kessper (IGN) / Kessypaws (IGN) LeoStar#21698 (BNET)
Officer - Raïnay (IGN) / Frostics#2510 (BNET)
Officer - Takanør (IGN) / Takanor#21866 (BNET)

Hope to see you or talk to you soon!

bump it real good

you guys interested in having a ret pala on his alt? im 11/12 on my main and your raid days are perfect for me. thank you

i am afraid we are allready melee heavy , but i can Always check.

Heyo, still looking for more players! We want to go big!

still looking for a few more players!

atm we are looking for a destro lock and a fire mage only

we are still looking for a destro lock and a fire mage :smile:

Vex is down!!! RADEN here we come!

Raden = raded, time for iggy

still looking for more people ^^

Hi sir, Are you still recruting? Arms warrior here

Great bunch of lads - Recommend 100%

could use some more locks / mages :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking for more!

show me the fire mages and locks !

We want more for shadowlands!

Still need a couple guys, sign up :slight_smile:

Are you looking for Fury / Arms?

Yes mate, we are just trying to build up a strong and bigger guild!