[H] [EU - Golemagg] <Intense Intents> Two Day Raiding Recruiting for TBC

Guild Name: Intense Intents

Server: Golemagg

Faction: Horde

Language: English speaking, but welcome all nationalities.

Raid Info:

We will raid Sundays at 19:00 ST - 23:00 ST and Mondays at 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST.


We are a guild with one goal, completing all of TBC Classic’s content while still maintaining an enjoyable raiding atmosphere. We plan to do this through an efficient two day schedule for those with IRL commitments, which has served us well both in Classic and Retail. With an emphasis on a strong sense of community, we are very active on our guild discord, whether it’s for dungeons, telling the worst dad jokes around, or simply exchanging cringey memes we make of each other. In-game during classic we have had a very active guild chat, a wide variety of pvp, and an array of max level dungeons being run throughout the day to help out new and upcoming players.

We are currently looking for:

Main Prio: BM Hunters, Enhancement Shamans, Destruction Warlocks, Shadow Priests and Holy Paladins for specific 25 man raid spots, but we are welcome to any determined players who wish to join Karazhan runs or compete for a spot!

We use a loot council / wish list system, where we rely on raider wishlists formulated at the beginning of a tier to efficiently dole out loot to the members of each class who need it most!

If you are interested, or have any further questions, please add Tythus#1128, ForTheHorde#216249, Rikk#1528 or Thorthetank#2508 for a chat, or message Thorím, Tythus, Buztopatar, Tamil or Timanhide in-game.

You can also contact these people on our discord: discord.gg/GwZtkMx
Hope to see you soon!

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looking for almost any class especially healers! hit us up to join the worst memes in the EU

its poggers over here

Recruiting any socials who wish to join for kara runs or dungeons, but specifically looking for healers for our 25 man team!

healers healers

Bump! room for 1-2 palas and shaman!

Bump! lf 1 Resto shaman and holy paladin

pog guild, m’lords


One more holy paladin needed, socials of any class are always welcome!

!bump still recruiting socials but most importantly one holy pala!

Still looking for socials and one holy paladin!

still need healers?

Yes we are in need of one holy paladin :slight_smile:

Bump - we are still recruiting!

bumpy bumpy give me the recruitees

Now looking for feral druids and resto shamans as well!

Still recruiting for TBC classic raiding.

You got many who is under 60?

Bump - Still looking for additional raiders - Now also recruiting WARLOCKS!

Bump - Now recruiting a variety of classes!