[H][EU][RAGNAROS] < Anno > 3/9M - LF DPS for Mythic raiding. Friendly atmosphere, always people on discord, and plenty of M+


Anno on Ragnaros was formed in Legion; created by a tight-knit group of friends looking to progress Mythic content at a reasonable pace while remembering the key to why we play; to have fun. We are looking for friendly and reliable players to improve our community as well as our progression. We also have a passion for Mythic+, and some occasional PvP. Alts are encouraged with frequent alt raids as well as constant M+ carries.

There is never a moment without someone in our Discord voice chat and we encourage activity and chat among our members. Please be aware that this is not a guild for the light-hearted; be prepared for a lot of banter and adult humor.

Current Progress

  • 3/9 Mythic
  • 9/9 HC

Raiding schedule

  • Wednesday 19:45-23:00 server time
  • Thursday 19:45-23:00 server time
  • Sunday 19:45-23:00 server time

What do we expect from you?

  • A minimum of 400+, 9/9HC and preferably some Mythic experience.
  • Optimized gear following your best stats and azerite traits, showing knowledge of your class and spec.
  • To arrive ready and on time (with all consumables, tactically aware and with concentration) to raids.
  • To use Discord. You are not forced to speak although it is preferred, however listening to Raid Leader instructions is a must.
  • A desire to improve. This means being comfortable with constructive criticism, as well as being responsible for your own methods of improving your general play and class/spec specific play.

What can you expect from us?

  • To feel a worthwhile part of a community of friends.
  • Semi-hardcore raiding attitude with the aim to progress.
  • To always give you a reason to log into the game.

Currently recruiting:

  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS

We will of course always consider exceptional players.

If you’re interested please contact us on battletag: fudgefive#2275, Jdubs#21974 or NotJames#21503, or in the comments below!

Happy gaming!