[H] [EU] Razorgore <Uprising> (late night, DKP) recruiting 15/15 Naxx

:loudspeaker: Uprising [H] is recruiting - 15/15 Naxx

:scroll: We are a late-night raid guild that was formed in the summer before Classic launch here on Razorgore, making us one of the oldest still around. Our raid times distinguish us from other guilds and are ideal for people who work late and take care of their families before raiding. We expect you to: be active on your class Discord and follow the latest meta, fully enchant your gear, raid in PvE spec, and use mandatory consumables. We will continue to raid vanilla until Classic TBC, where our intention is to raid together at our own pace just as we have for the past 18 months.

Naxxramas 15/15 - currently casually clearing 13 bosses in 1 night

:mag_right: We are currently recruiting the following specific classes/specs in particular, but any high-performing night owls or people who wish to get in an established guild early for TBC are free to send us an application.

1 x Warlock
1 x Shadow Priest (or Holy/Disc)
1 x Resto Shaman

:eyes: Loot rules:
Open bid DKP. (subject to change in TBC)
• -10% weekly decay of DKP
• DKP catchup bonus upon successful completion of trial

:calendar: Raid times and days:

  • Wednesday & Sunday 22:00pm-1am CET (2 nights a week, 3 hours a night)

Latest raiding guild on the realm and one of the latest EU.

Feel free to message @Lou#9391 on Discord with any questions or PM me here on Blizzard forums.


Bump. Best guild - friendly, knowledgeable & dedicated people. Join us!

Come and lets kill KT :slight_smile:

Can i join ?

Reasons to join us:

  • Original classic guild still going strong into Naxx
  • Godlike raid leader
  • Pinkest Tabard EU

Best guild on the realm… I SAID IT!

Good and chill raid environment. Family friendly. Good organized raid and glead. Whispers the lovely troll called Lou

We are still looking for a few more raiders

Bump! Come join the fun!

Next reset we kill 4h

Join us for some 4-h fun!

Bump - Could use a few more members!

could use a couple more rshamans, great atmosphere, serious raiders, friendly attitude

bump it up!

Still looking :smiley:

Still looking for a RShaman, Restro druid and a mage!

Still looking for healers

KT dead and being farmed :slight_smile:

Hi lads. I added you @Lou for a chat. I’m very interested in joining.

Tomtg#21325 in case Lou isn’t around and someone else wants to grab a chat.

hello, are you looking to add for TBC? I will be changing to horde (orc shaman) and i can only raid later in the day due to family life.