[H] [EU] Recruiting 1 DPS for 9/10HC small EU Guild

We are Archibald Arrives!

2 nights per week UK / EU based guild, currently 9/10 HC and pushing M+12-15 keys.

Looking for 1 solid DPS (most classes acceptable) to push to AOTC with!

Raid nights are Friday / Sunday 21:30 - 00:00 Server time

Message me on Discord Tek#9999 or in game Tiel#2630 if you are interested in joining us.

About us

Founded by 3 long time UK IRL friends, we wanted a small community to enter the newest expansion with. After recruiting passively using the in game systems, we now have a 13-man raid team for clearing HC content.

Currently the age range in the guild is between 25-32 years old, we understand people have lives and jobs outside the game and we have accommodated this with our raid times and hours.

We have no plans for expanding to Mythic raiding as our aim was to make a small team similar to the old style 10 man raiding seasons of the previous expansions.

Updated 9/10 HC still looking for DPS

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