[H] [EU] [Tarren-Mill] - <Arrival> 9/9HC, 5/9m - LF Mage, healer, Rogue, DK. (3% Pull on Zskarn)

Hello, i would be intressted, any discord link or something we can chat?

Hey, yes - here you go: discord.gg/6t9METvz6V

Hi, what is requirement for rogue spec? And is still active you’re searching for rogue? I am currently 413 ilvl rogue with 4/8M, have CE on denathrius and Jailer

If you join our discord above, one of our officesr will reach out :slight_smile:

We are now 5/8m and are recruiting an extra warlock. Get in touch if you think you are a good fit.

We are also now looking for a rogue :slight_smile:

A new DH is required. =)

We need a new warlock for Dathea progression. Get in touch if you think you’re a good fit.

Any warlock gamers?

Still looking for a warlock :slight_smile:

LF DPS for Dathea kill come Thursday =) - 25% pull.

Any chance for havoc dh

Yep thats fine, if you join our discord we’ll message you

We are recruiting RDPS currently. Get in touch if you think you’re a good fit.

LF for RDPS for Diurna + Raz M. We are currently on 41% in P2 on Diurna.

Hi, 418 IL 5/8 M (Dathea at 30%) DK LF CE guild. Currently on Kazzak but can transfer. If you are interested, you can contact wowinmind#2288 in game.

415 Holy Priest, that can play any of my multiple classes to best fit the team, also spend most my time doing PvP when not Raiding, if that’s anything you guys are interested in? MORPHEUS#2552

Hey guys, unfortunately atm we are not looking for tanks/healers, only DPS

Please get in touch if you think you’re a good fit. :slight_smile:

0.8% Diurna wipe - we suspect we’ll be on Raz on Monday. Get in touch if you want to trial (RDPS)