[H] <Ex Cinere> Recruiting RDPS for HC Raiding

Good afternoon,

We are Ex Cinere, a newly formed raiding guild on Ragnaros (H), built around a strong core of friends that are looking to expand their roster to tackle Heroic and Mythic content.

Outside of this, we also run Glory Achievements, Mythic+ and PvP so even if raiding isn’t your primary focus, this may well be the home for you! We also want to expand the already strong social aspect of the guild.

About us:

  • Experienced, friendly team.
  • Goals to obtain AoTC and push into mythic.
  • 10/10 heroic experience.
  • Casual atmosphere but still achieve raid progress.

Raid nights:

  • Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time.

What we expect:

  • Come prepared for raids with appropriate consumables (flask, food, pots) and an understanding of the mechanics.
  • Regular attendance. Mythic roster needs to be relatively consistent to progress and constant adaption isn’t ideal.
  • Team based, tilt free attitude. Wipes will happen, and constructive criticism may also be offered.

Current requirements:

  • Ranged dps (all classes considered)

If you have any questions or want some more detail, please contact:


Hi all! 6/10 Heroic cleared first night raiding, super impressive. Still looking for some ranged DPS to round out the team. Please do contact us if you are interested in joining us! :blush:


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