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<<< EXECUTE >>> wants you!

Execute is a newly established PvP/PvE guild on Firemaw Horde , but its dating back to 2005(The Maelstrom EU). We are a group of 25 + years old English speaking european players ,
who have been playing together for almost 15 years. From high end premades , organized world pvp , raids , to a lot of fun randomness.
The guild has had success in arena, RBG, BGs and raid content, and has raidleaders for both aspects of the game.
Eventhough we might sound hardcore, we have a relaxed approach to the game.
We are serious about what we do, we hate losing (screenshot or it didn’t happen).

What do we expect from you as a new recruit :

  • The team comes first. And as a part of the team, you will have a healthy guild helping, giving advices , protecting your behind should you encounter alliance scum.
  • Loyalty to the team and guild.
  • Need to be willing and able to communicate on discord . A functioning mic is mandatory for PvP, but for our raids, it’s enough to listen.
  • Players who are involved and active.
  • You need to be able to take criticism (we don’t yell don’t worry, and it goes both ways, good ideas are always appreciated).
  • You need to be able to think for yourself and play your own char, if you are looking to take part in our BG teams, you should be picking fights in the world already, so you know your limitations - previous battleground experience is a big +.

What can you expect from us:

  • A tightknit group of players, with a coregroup who have been playing together for several expansions.

  • Several top 0.5% and former top 0.5% level players in both arenas and RBGs.

  • A lot of activity.

  • Experienced leadership with experience ranging back to vanilla pre mades.
    We are in need of :

  • Mages

  • Warlocks

  • Shamans

  • Druids

We are not closed for recruitment on any classes, exceptional players/people should always be in touch if they are interested.
For PvE, we are using roles sort loot.

Basicly we expect the classes to sort loot, so we don’t have to do it for them, should you require assistance we are happy to help - but we want to distribute stuff as fairly as possible.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of Execute

Arius, Diki, Kysmig


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