[H] Exsilium - Tarren Mill LF mature and skilled socials 18+

Hello there,

Our Mythic raid team is currently full but it’s always nice to have more skilled and friendly people to do keys with, chat with in guild/on Discord or do some chilled social Heroic raiding together in our weekly raid. Be aware that if you like to group up with your guildies we do look for a certain level of play even for our socials as we want people who can at least keep up with our Raiders on their alts.

About Us: Our philosophy as a guild is to enjoy the game together away from all the drama that people can make. Most of us have been playing Warcraft for many years so we are more mature and don’t do toxicity but we do also have some youngsters that aren’t fossils yet.

Raid schedule: Social Heroic every Wednesday 20:00-23:00. You need 445+ item level and some raiding experience if you want to attend.

What we are looking for: Friendliness, maturity and love for the game!

Interested? If you want more info you can read our (much) longer post over on WoW Progress about our guild’s philosophy.

https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Exsilium (highlight, copy and paste).

If you would like to join our guild or have any questions please get in contact:

Spikey#2323 (Battlenet) or Spikey#8236 (Discord)
Jenzier#2710 (Battlenet)

Still open for new social members.

Looking for more experienced social members to join our ranks.

Social recruitment is open

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