[H] <Fat Pikachu>


Fat Pikachu is a new guild where the goal is basically just to have fun and enjoy the game, the founders of the guild are returning wow players who want to raid, but don’t necessarily feel the urge to throw ourselves back into mythic raiding.
Because work and real life can sometime be tough or get in the way the goal is to keep raiding to 1 night.
We’re also hoping that there will be interest in M+ and other things as a guild during free time, but that we remember that sometimes other things take priority. :slight_smile:

The goal is to clear Normal / HC. We have no ambition to go into Mythic raiding.
Raids will be on friday night starting at 19:30.

If you are interested in joining a guild with more of a casual approach to the game, and with lots of fun, don’t hesitate to send us a message.
Anyone is welcome to join us, even if just as a social member.


This sounds really interesting - As a keyworker in the UK the one night raids sound right up my street.

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