[H] <Flatline> | Draenor | 6/10M

About Us

Flatline is a English speaking raiding guild starting up in 8.3 casually on Alliance, realising we wanted more from the game we’ve moved to Draenor and set up with the intention of progressing through Shadowlands Mythic content, Aiming for CE each tier.

We aim to have a mature and relaxed atmosphere during (and outside of) raids. We expect our members to have sufficient knowledge of the game, their class/spec and prepare themselves for bosses.

Roles Available

Exceptional Players

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 20:00-23:00 GMT+1
Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1
Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1

If you’re interested /w Spooks#21172, Keez#1283 or Runeaon#2620 for more information and a discussion!

Flatline are still in need of experienced DPS. Warlock, Hunter, DK preferred although any exceptional players would be considered.


Updated roles available, will also consider other classes but at a lower priority.

Roles updated, please contact us for more information!

We’re still recruiting! Feel free to get in touch if interested

Roles Available has been updated!

1 x Warlock
1 x Hunter / Mage / Ret Paladin
1 x Healer

We will also consider any exceptional Ranged DPS.

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