[H] Fortuita 10/10H - Home for retired vets

UPDATE - 10/10 N, 10/10 H - We have spots for most DPS classes now but you need to be well geared and have current raid experience.

Socials and Mythic+ focused players are very welcome.

Raid days are Wednesday and Tuesday 20:30 till 23:30 Server time.

Fortuita’s officer core are all IRL friends and have played WoW together since the early days of classic, raided at a high level throughout the years and even dabbled in high level PvP from time to time. As we’re now all approaching 30 and “growing up” we can’t commit to the heavy raid or play schedule that we used to so decided to make our own guild to hang out in and still enjoy all the content the game has to offer at a pace we’re in control of.

Recently we opened our doors to other players and have grown into a pretty active community and are now looking for more retired veterans or just anyone really that wants to chill out in low stress environment and play together in mythic+, PvP, Torghast and raids.

If any of this sounds interesting feel free to whisper any of the officers Gravyboat, Stockport, Gravybaby, Nuad or Bryanmills in-game or join our discord .gg/bM8PjpZGMM or message Slamyjamy#7482 on discord to chat and get an invite :slight_smile:


Come join us! :slight_smile:

Loads of mythic dungeon teams going :blush:

I honestly thought you guys were a bunch of “Retired Vetinarians” for a moment!

close enough.

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You guys in need of an old experienced tank

of course, contact an officer and get yourself an invite!

Looks like raiding is definitely happening as we have close to a full 30 man raid set for December 9th. We’re still open to absolutely any class and will accommodate raid spots to as many people as possible.Mythic+ is going to be a big part of the guild once released and always need more tanks for our groups.

yeah we want a big M+ community so come along and join the fun

Nice let’s go

Raid group is overflowing so for now I don’t think we can accommodate any more people who want to join us for raiding however mythic+ is gonna be booming come Wednesday and were always open for socials and people who just want to hang out

Socials still welcome!

UPDATE - We had 2x raid teams both clear 10/10 normal and 1/10 heroic in the first week but could really use some active tanks & healers who are only looking for mythic+ content as our raid team is pretty full. We’re organizing daily guild mythic+ groups and have a very active community of socials!

More friends please

Bump for 6/10 heroic - Raid team pretty full but socials very welcome and we will accept other raiders just can’t guarantee a raid spot every raid.

Would definitely be interested in the following specs to join our raids

Disc priest
Holy paladin
MW monk
DPS warrior

Still recruiting, see above!

Bump!! 6/10 hc!

Recruiting pretty much anything at this point. Get in touch

bump 8/10 Heroic