[H] <FREEDOM FIGHTERS> 1/9 M | 6/9 H LF DPS - Sat/Mon Raids (& Mythic + Players)!

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Looking to close this thread.


Morning! Updated a bit - looking for RDPS and Healers!


Hello Forums! Just letting you know we’re still looking for raiders. =)


Hey Guys!
I’m currently raiding 2 days a week as a Warlock with the same raid progress as you. Now, I have played healer since the end of Cataclysm and am starting to miss my roots. So I decided to level a disc priest and well, I love it. I’m looking for another 2 day a week raid guild to have a second main character (your raid days fit perfectly).

I run M+ as much as I can because I dont really like pugs depleting keys after one wipe and spend a lot of time in discord playing WoW, League and Diablo seasonal mainly.

I’m from the UK with a working mic and a metric crap ton of raiding experience over the years. So if you think there could possibly be a space for me within the Freedom Fighters and want to message/chat anymore then I’m online most evenings! btag MagmaSausage#2484 or I can pop on any discord since I basically live on it!

Peace out girl scouts o/


Hey! We can talk. Thanks for adding me on realid. Let me or Reload know when you have time.


Looking for more dps and heals for the next raiding tier

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Updated recruitment - looking for new players


Looking for some awesome dps!


Need a few more RDPS!


Looking for great raiders to push mythic content!


Hello DPSer - please contact us!


Hello! Are you still looking for players?

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Up for new recruitment and the search for more players interested in mythic +'s.


Looking for more mythic + players and potential raiders for our team.

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Updated - looking for raiders and Mythic + runners.


Looking for Mythic + tanks

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Morning Forums! Updated recruitment for heroic raiding starting tonight. Still looking for more Mythic+ runners.


Updated recruitment looking for a few more dps for heroics (then mythics).

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Looking for a few more DPS for Mythics this week.


Looking for a few more DPS for mythic.