[H] <From The Ashes> 2/10M

  • Who are we
    From The Ashes is an international guild that relishes on its community aspect while also giving those who need a run for their money in terms of raiding, we’re more of a virtual family. Our members are always around to help whenever needed, we like to chill on discord, enjoy a few laughs here in there.

We’re a mix of veteran players from WoW Retail and even Classic back in 2004. Now we’re even more diverse with people coming from other games and even fresh players to WoW itself.

Our guild concept: Play the game at the best of your capabilities, make friends, and enjoy the trip along the way till the end.

  • What are we aiming for as a guild ?

The answer is quite simple, enjoy the game to the fullest while trying our best to be remembered on the server.

Our guild was founded on its community. We thrive on the community we’ve built and we absolutely love it. You raid… what, 1-2 days a week ? Here’s where reality hits and you realize that the game isn’t all about raiding. Even more so, its now apparent that you enjoy the game for the people you raid with!

  • What we provide as a guild

The most important feature, a community. Our members are international as stated, from all around the world! :map:

As for the raiding aspect, we’re a dedicated group of players who always try perform their best in raids and try to be better and improve. We don’t like the word ‘hardcore’, I would use the word ‘committed’.

A social, friendly, helpful set of members! We chill on discord the majority of the time, casually pvp, and have some occasional meme moments.

  • What we expect from you as an individual

Expectations and realities are two things that go hand in hand. So the expectation from our side is for you to always try and compete with your guildmates and improve as a player; the reality is, real-life can sometimes disrupt that but we definitely understand, hence the reason why we use the word ‘try’. Here are just some realistic expectations.

  • Attending raids, especially when you’re in your trial period you’re expected to have high attendance for us to properly assess you.
  • Full prepared for our raids; that includes (knowledge about your class and the encounter, consumables, etc)
  • Willing to accept criticsim when given and showing some dedication to improve.
  • Friendliness and good social skills.

Guild & Raiding info

  • Sunday 16:00PM ST - 20:00PM ST
  • Thursday 18:00 ST - 22:00 ST

All classes are ENCOURAGED to apply! Socials, PvPers, M+ players are welcome!

You can contact me directly on discord

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