[H] <FTL> Stormscale fresh rebuild seeking likeminded players

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Good day all,

FTL is newly created guild on Stormscale which has history dating back to Legion, during those times we gained AotC and had a healthy mix of players with various experience. Sadly SL killed recruitment and enjoyment so we were forced to shelve the guild temporarily, unfortunately someone decided to delete the guild in order to move her character (Raelona is her name so please mock her should you join us).

We are aiming to raid Monday/Thursday 20:00-22:15st with keys and various extras being done on other nights. What will make us different is getting back the friendly and calm atmosphere we previously had, where all are welcome and given an opportunity to experience harder content. Don’t worry if you have never tried HC raids or higher keys, we will happily help you get to the standard required.

As of tonight, several of us have moved toons across to Stormscale in order to create the guild. This may be a slow process to get to the point of actually raiding as a guild, being the end of this tier almost. Our main objective is 10.1 but we’ll do what we can in the meantime. Patience is required so please understand this fact, you have time to start a new toon and casually level/gear it. The important aspect right now is building the community first.

Please add me on LisburnAsh82#2425 for more information. Thank you all!

Now that our characters have updated since the transfer, I’ll be posting from this 1.

Added a couple of members already but still open to all, no pressure or high expectations. This is a place for you to grow and try new content in a safe environment.

New patch and cross faction guilds available May 2nd, perfect time to start the guild hunt! We’re open to all roles currently and happy to take you in no matter your experience. We’re on Stormscale Horde but I for 1 will go Alliance in the patch (Hottie Nelf!).

Contact us here or in game for a chat.

Having some great conversations with potential members, being very honest about the reboot and timescale.

Hopefully see some new faces in the roster shortly but we’re always open to more.

Like in the OP, we’re aiming to continue gaining AotC each tier with no concrete plans for early mythic, unless we find ourselves close to the requirements.

Keys galore for all levels of experience to help bulk up your vault but also your confidence. There’s zero pressure here, play what you want and enjoy the ride.