[H] <Garage> (9/9HC, 7/9M) is looking for mythic raiders for CE! (socials welcome)

Hi there,

Let’s get straight to the point: We want Cutting Edge in 10.1 and if you do as well, we’d like you to join us! Our progress is now 9/9HC, 7/9M. We have decent momentum and are looking to keep this going of course.

Because I tend to turn these things into a novel, let’s keep it to some neat lists, shall we?

Here’s how we’d describe ourselves:

  • A young but blooming guild
  • Eager and committed to progress all the way to CE
  • Active and involved leadership
  • A ChatGPT thread on our Discord with some weird stories
  • Healthy attitude towards the game
  • Banter, lot’s of it
  • Solid base of active players

Raid times:

  • Main raids: Wednesday/Sunday 20:30-23:30 server time
  • Optional social raid: Monday 20:30-23:30 server time (open to the whole guild and/or alts)

What do we actually need:

  • A strong Healer
  • Possibly an exceptional DPS

For the DPS spot, we’d be able to fit an Enhancement Shaman, Windwalker Monk, Retribution Paladin, Arcane/Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, Hunter or Unholy Death Knight. If you feel we’re a match made in heaven, do not hesitate to apply!

Here’s how you’d describe yourself:

  • At least 21 years of life experience
  • A positive attitude and some good banter
  • Able to make our raid times
  • Committed to going for CE
  • A solid understanding of your class and spec
  • Eager to become part of the team

A bit more info:
We’re not one of those guilds that has been around forever, nor do we have multiple CE’s under our belt. What we do have though, is a solid roster that in a short time has come a long way and is hungry for more. We’ve now set our sights on Cutting Edge for 10.1. What we also have, is a healthy attitude towards the game and heaps and heaps of banter. As a team we feel that we can get Cutting Edge in a timely manner while still having a lot of fun. We are very committed to it, both the CE part and the fun part.
For you to fit well within our guild you’d need to have a fun-loving attitude, but are still driven to perform and can be serious when we need to be. We’d also love for you to get involved with our M+ runs or other shenanigans like our social raid. The rest, as described above, we feel is par for the course.

Cutting Edge can and will be quite the task, but if you feel you are ready to start on this adventure with us and you are ready to make a positive impact in our team… Then get in touch with us as soon as possible via Discord so we can have chat!

Please note: We’re always open for social members to join our guild, as we feel they contribute to the community feel we want our guild to have. So if you’re interested in joining us but have no interest in Mythic raiding, you can still reach us via the Discord ID below. Monday night is a social raid night where we will try and take as many people as we can to come raiding with us.

You can reach us here:
Discord ID - Adeptatom (our GM)

With kind regards on behalf of the Garage leadership,

We’re now super close to our HC Sarkareth kill (best pull 3.8%) and are looking for just a couple more to complete our roster for Mythic progress.

We’re looking for a mage and one or two melee DPS. Please reach out if you feel you’re a good fit!

After defeating several more bosses, we are now 3/9M! We primarily are still looking to add another good mage to our roster. Other classes (as noted in the main post) are still encouraged to apply as well.

Hit us up and let’s kill some more bosses together!

We’re now at 4/9M and progression on Rashok is underway!

We’re looking for just a couple of spots now to complete our roster. Are you a solid healer or a good DPS and interested in joining? Hit us up.

We’re still looking to add some talented players to our roster! Think you have what it takes? Let’s have chat!

We’re still looking to add some talented players to our roster! Think you have what it takes? Let’s have chat and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

At the moment we are mainly looking for:

  • 1 tank
  • 1-2 dps (pref. 1 Augmentation Evoker)
  • 1 healer

We have now killed Rashok, bringing us to 5/9 Mythic! We are still recruiting so please refer to the opening post to see what we currently need. thanks

Still looking for some talent (tank+dps) to join us on the road to CE!

Zskarn at 4%, so he’s going down soon too.

Edit: Zskarn dead now, bringing us to 6/9 Mythic.

Echo prog rn, still looking for healers and exceptional dps

what server?

We’re on Draenor.

sent friend request in discord