[h] gehennas <boiled water> recruiting for AQ + Naxx


is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with an emphasis on building a strong community.

We have been running since first week of classic and believe a strong community is the way to survive the dry patches of the phases.

We help each other, always shows up prepared for raids, and expect high attendance to gear our roster. We are in this for the long run.

We killed C’thun on the first week!

Currently doing all raid content on a single day! We are currently looking for people to fill our roster and that are willing to prepare and play Naxx!
Possibility to be benched is low but not zero. Benched people rotate! We wanna make sure we have 40 people at all times.

We are currently recruiting players that respect the following:

High knowledge of your class.
Being on time and coming prepared for raids.
Bringing consumables to make it easier and faster for everyone.```
**We are currently recruiting the following classes:**

High Prio :
Resto or Ele Shaman
Warrior Offtank + DPS

Low Prio :

Exceptional players of all classes will always be considered```
What you can expect from us:

A strong and helpful community that has been together for since beginning.
Feedback and analysis of your performance.```
**Raid Information**
```Raid days: Sunday & Monday (for 40 mans).
Raid times: 19:00-23:00 (GMT+1)
Optional AQ20s on Wednesday/Saturday```
Contact us on Discord or whisper either Sauk or Warkosh in game (if neither are online, feel free to contact anyone in boiled water)! 

Whisper and lets talk see if we're on the same vibe.

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