(H) Gehennas - Booty Bayliffs casual raiding recruiting for TBC

Booty Bayliffs casual raiding guild newly arrived on the server from “deadmist”
Were looking for nice people to continue our journey through TBC.

We have been here since the beginning of Vanilla Classic through good and hard times.
Our progress was 7/10 before we transferred and would like to continue moving forward.
We are not a hardcore guild so don’t expect an easy 10/10 loot simulator.
So only suitable for those who actually enjoy a bit of challenge.
For the 25 man raids we use EPGP loot addon as the loot system.

The ranks have started to fill up but we still need some more DPS and a few healers would not hurt either.
Socials are welcome of course as well.

If you want to raid to clear all content without the hardcore mentality were the place for you.
We may not be the fastest but eventually we always get everything done it’s just a bit more of a challenge.

We raid 2000-2300 server time on mondays and thursdays.
Contact anyone ingame if you got interested for guild invite.

https:// → discord.gg/rumj6yc

whoops did not realize the forums had defaulted to a “retail” char when I transfered.
Oh well anyway stuff happens.

Updated the post due to getting more recruits recently to better reflect the current situation.

Any chance you’re recruiting loyal low level players? Just rolled on this server, looking for a solid guild with prospects for when I ding.


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