[H] Gehennas - <The Flat Azeroth Society> Recruiting now!

We’ve come a long way! We’ve grown alot but we are still looking for more people to join our roster!

Who are we?
We are a raiding guild, expanding and looking for active members who wants to unite with us on our road of clearing the content. Hardcore isn’t the word that applies to us, but as the time goes I wouldn’t say that we are a full casual guild either. The raids are taken seriously and we are pushing to get to our goal! Consumables, preparation, enchants and sockets is and will always be the absolute minimum requirements to join our raids.

What are we looking for?
Loyal, chill and mature players that wants contribute and progress with us.
We accept all applicants at the moment! Please reach out and we can discuss spots for your specific class/spec.

Raiding Schedule
We are progressing through Phase 2, as we speak! The main raiding times are Thursdays and Sundays 19:00 ST. Atm we have an extra Karazhan group on wednesdays 19:00 aswell.

If you have any further questions, contact me in-game or on discord.

Discord ID: Arre (Grantex)#4795



Hello there. Shadow priest looking for a fun experience and some epic raiding! You can contact me for more info!
Ingame name: Kiwipriest
Discord: Dennis#6137


Bumpz are great!

Bump it again.

Any chance you’re recruiting loyal low level players? Just rolled on this server, looking for a solid guild with prospects for when I ding.


(Absylonia, BE lock)

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out! I would say there are some possibilities. If you have time, please add me on Discord and we can chat about it and discuss it further!

Arre (Grantex)#4795

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