[H] GMAD Heroic + Mythic raiding (10/10HC 2/10M)

GMAD is building a stable raid team and progress Mythic after killing Sire, we are aiming to clear as much as we can at our own pace.

Tonight we one shot Sire on Normal and did 3/10 on HC, still in need of more ranged dps (MM hunter and lock especially)

We will be going into a christmas break but will be back raiding on the 30th. Meanwhile we are still looking for ranged dps (especially those MM hunters and locks… where you at!).

We are back raiding Wednesday after a good holiday break. Still, in need of ranged dps, apply on https://guildsofwow.com/gmad or message one of us for more info!

Bumping for recruitment

We killed 4 bosses on heroic tonight, 3 one shot and Sludgefist to 4%. Still looking for a warlock!

9/10 heroic now and 40% on Sire.
Still in need of ranged dps

Looking for a balance druid now aswell!

We are working on sire hc atm, getting p1 down while working on p2.
We are still recruiting ranged dps (also with heal os)

Recruiting ranged, 1 melee and 1 healer!
Join us on our Sire heroic kill.

Had a good night on Sire, working on p3.
Still looking for ranged DPS, one with a heal or tank offspec would be nice but not required.

Sire went down tonight after 3 pulls!
Recruiting ranged dps, heal/tank offspec dps and an Unholy DK

2/10M in one night!

Still need a few more dps and a healer!

Still need more raiders!

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