[H] GRIMM Heroic Raiding Guild 11/11 HC

Hey there!

GRIMM is recruiting!

If you’re looking an adult chill guild that has banter and fun along the way of progressing at our own pace, please have a read!
GRIMM is a close knit group of friends that have been playing together since 2010 and evolved in the guild we are today.

We are recruiting few roles for raid - mostly DPS, we run regular mythic+ and like to help each other out with team player mindset.

As always, we are interested in social butterflies, mythic+ pushers and people just seeking a friendly community!

The progress we have made this tier is 11/11 normal and 10/11 Heroic and moving fast.
Our atmosphere is friendly(hope you don’t mind some friendly slagging!) we have a steady raid schedule for 3 days a week. The expectations for us would be 2 days for raiding.

No previous experience necessary but a willingness to learn and a team-player is what we like!
Our aim is to get AoTC each tier.

Our raid times are 20:00-22:30 Server Time - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday

If you’re on a different realm and would like to try out with us we also have a community we started for friends outside of Draenor: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/lZrqKVtvKD?region=EU&faction=Horde

Feel free to contact me in-game or leave a message below.

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Still looking for more people to join us!
We would like a DH dps and a dk, other classes will of course be considered.

Looking for warrior dps and some healers with os, as always other classes will be considered!

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233 fury dps looking very interested, morrtix#2854 if you want to add me in game

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Still looking for a warrior and more peeps, socials always welcome!

Looking for Warrior and Rogue - high prio for raids and other fun ^^

Bring on the dps!

Still looking for more!

High Prio of dps:

10/10 HC 1/10 M still looking for more players :slight_smile:

Do you need sub rogue 230ilvl 7/10hc
10/10normal. I will be happy to help u with AOTC. Note me if interested.

Yeah, a rogue would be nice to add to the team, add Horridum to your friends list, he has done the same, will hopefully be in contact with one another soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks !
Will contact you when i finish work.

Still in need of a monk tank/dps.

We now have a tank spot available for a raid ready player!

Anymore people out there looking for a nice new home :smile:

Would like more members so we can venture into mythic more :slight_smile:

Still looking for more for our expanding guild!

Couple Looking to join, Hunter and Demon hunter, Have some experience :slight_smile:


Would be great to have a chat ingame, ill add you to friends list and whisper you when you are online :slight_smile:

Hi there ! I main the rare Blood DK :grimacing: just wondering if there is any spots in your guild ? Im currently 249 ilv and 2.1k Rio… I mainly log in and do mythic + with a small group of friends which are currently taking breaks, so I’m looking for so where to settle and run some mythics without the dreaded pugs lol and I would love to so some raid tanking also !
I’m 32 years old from wales UK a veteran player done endgame raiding as every role.

If you’d like to ask anything else

Feel free to ask


Battle Net : Midge#21288

Still looking for more players(dps) for current and future raids! :slight_smile: