[H] GRIMM Heroic Raiding Guild 11/11 HC

Looking for a home for a fairly casual player, more into the m+ scene but would like to get back into raiding too at some point.

Ele / Resto shaman

Discord: dora#0001
bnet: dora#21725

We are still looking for more raiders for the upcoming 9,2 and beyond!

And as always, socials welcome. :slight_smile:

We are currently recruiting:

Tank: Any class
Demon hunter Havoc or Vengence
Monk Windwalker or Brewmaster

Hi, i Have a prot pally, i am looking for a guild but mostly doing m+ dungeons. Could i join you guild just for social and sometimes back up tank?

Hey, that would be cool!
Send me a message ingame or discord for a chat :slight_smile: Mark#4673

Still looking for more peeps to join our fun ^^

Are you still looking for a tank? in that case im interested


can we have a chat on discord? :slight_smile:


I added you! :slight_smile:

Hey I’ve added you, lets talk some time about havocing around! Okay that was awful :smiley:

Hey hey, I haven’t received any requests in discord?

We are still looking for more players to join in on our raids and mythic+, as always socials always welcome.

Hey! Looking to return to raiding this tier - would you be looking to take on a WW monk at all?


I’d love to have a chat with you, ill send you a mail ingame and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Hey Horridum!

Really interested in a spot within the guild!

237ilvl sub rogue with previous aotc experience.

Btag: kryptek#21193

Updated post!

10/11 normal and 1/11 HC, going to be hitting HC hard this coming reset! :slight_smile:

Hey hey,

We’d like some more ranged dps to continue our progressing through the tier!

11/11 Normal and 4/11 HC.

Hey guys, are you looking for BM Hunter as well?

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we are only recruiting:
Druid: Balance/Resto
Priest: Shadow

6/11 HC - Currently recruiting:

Monk: Mistweaver
Druid: Resto
Priest: Shadow
Warrior: Arms/Fury(possibility will update when sure)
Death Knight: Frost/Unholy
Shaman: Enhancement
Demon Hunter: Havoc(possibility will update when sure)

Drop a message below or message me(or another member of our guild) for a chat :slight_smile: