[H] Grumpy Gaming lf tank/dps

About Us

We are Grumpy Gaming - an 18+ gaming community focused mainly on World of Warcraft. We’re currently recruiting for our raid team. 12/12 H 2/12 M

We pride ourselves in not just being a guild, but a family. Even though we’re mainly a raiding guild, you’ll always find people willing to help with anything in the game - from pushing mythic+ keys, to farming transmog or mounts - provided you ask nicely of course. Even though we take our raiding very seriously, our main focus is doing content as a guild (no pugging if avoidable), and having as much fun as possible.

Raiding Times (Server Time)

Tuesday 20:00-23:00
Thursday 20:00-2300
Sunday 20:00-23:00 (Heroic)
We have no current plans to change this at the moment.


Looking for

  • Tank
    Monk or DH
  • DPS
    Prio Warlock/Druid/DK

All specs and classes will be considered. New/inexperienced people will not be turned down (We do Heroic Sundays) , as long as you’re willing to listen, learn and push yourselves.

If you would like to trial or have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us through Battlenet or Discord.

Battletag: Skatinqaa#21453
Discord: skatinqaa#8639