[H] Guild LF Members to start Heroic/Mythic Raiding (10/10 HC leaders)


“Scandinavian Brotherhood” are recruiting EVERYONE for raiding. We are 10/10 HC lead looking to give everyone curve, and see if we have the roster to progress on mythic bosses.

We are a few friends who have been doing content together since Legion, joining and leaving different guilds all the time. But now we have decided to try and use our own guild to progress in raid.

We are semi-“hardcore” and looking to do raids 2 times a week, around 2-4 hours of raiding those days.
We will start off with heroic until everyone feels comfortable enough to switch to mythic progress.

We dont look at ourselves as hardcore raiders, but we are competitve and want to progress as far as possible. We have expectation that people want to attend and do as best as possible, understanding and learning fights. But still we dont want people to sacrifice anything over the guild, therefor it is no problem if you miss raids, as real life commitments is a priority for everyone.

Mythic+ is also something we do every day, so if you are interested in joining to simply push keys, this would be a guild for you aswell.
With that said is everyone of course welcome, as we are very friendly and love to play and chat with new people.

So if any of this sounds interesting for you, feel free to contact us on either


Still recruiting everyone who is interested in HC raiding :slight_smile:

Still looking for people. We are now all 10/10 HC. Looking to get guild 10/10 HC quickly

Still looking for people! Our core raiding group is currently consisting of 6-7 all 10/10 hc players that need the few last people to fill out for mythic progress!

Still looking for raiders!!, almost enough people for starting mythic progress.

We have gotten most people 10/10 HC at this point. Looking for all classes to start mythic raiding and weekly HC clear


I added you Tonyvon, Look out for my btag ace 21170. lets have a chat! :slight_smile:

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