[H] <Halbech Corporation> (6/9H 1/9M) LF Rogue/Hunter/Warr/Mage


Halbech Corporation is a 2 night/week Mythic guild that was formed at the start of Battle of Dazar’alor.

We currently have a roster of 21 players, and are looking to expand this to 24 to give us leeway for people to miss raids for unavoidable events. We would consider all 24 people to be in our ‘core’ raid team, and would rotate them around each week for our Mythic runs.

Raids are run from 8 to 11 pm server time on Thursday and Monday. Once we reach the stage of only running Mythic on main raid days (likely several weeks yet), we will be running an entirely optional Heroic clear on Wednesdays for Azerite itemisation and gearing up alts.

If you’re interested, you can get in touch:

Via WoW, Llandri#21854 or sc2slash#1174
Via Discord, Llandri#9719