[H] <Halcyon> LF spellcaster(s) 8/10 Heroic

Greetings and thanks for reading this post!
Our deliberately small raid team is looking to bolster itself with some spell casters and healers, pref. non druid.

Our teams goal is AOTC with no real aim for mythic, unless we recruite enough people overtime that desire to try some.

The raid is run as a comfortable group, its ok to make mistakes, learn and ask questions. We do not require top rankings.
The days: Wed/Thurs with raid times being: 21:00 - 23:30 Server time.

For any questions you can whisper me in-game (raíkari) or via Bnet: Taichu#21926

To apply: https://forms.gle/DNmSLF2RYBT1pf9b8

still looking for healer and spellcasters to bolster our raid team :slight_smile:

Progress update: 6/10 heroic
Looking for: healer and mage

*added recruitment doc

Looking for mage and other ranged dps!

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