[H] <Hellheim> is recruiting raiders for BoD


Hellheim is a social raiding guild on Kazzak. The core of the guild is set up with people that work or study during office hours and who have experienced a lot of different types of guilds and social environments. We added all our positive ideas on how a social gaming community should be and started Hellheim.

We aim to be a social guild that focuses on Heroic raiding with Normal off-raids. If we have time during each tier we will try to progress in mythic. Our vision is to give our members a joyful feeling every time they log on to their characters and that there are always friends to talk to or go on adventures with.

By being a member of Hellheim you’ll not be getting world first kills, but you will get kills. You will also have a haven - a calm oasis in the stress of normal life - where you’ll always have friends online to explore, discuss and achieve things with.

Raid times
Mon 7PM-11PM (Server time)
Wed 7PM-11PM (Server time)
Off-day: Sat 8PM-late (Server time)

Uldir: 8/8 Hc, 2/8 Mythic

What we’re looking for
Hellheim aims to be a guild for everyone - no matter your history in World of Warcraft or in real life. You are welcome to be a part of Hellheim as long as you are friendly and enjoy achieving things together with others. All applicants will be considered regardless of class and experience, assuming you fit the role we’re currently recruiting.

Contact and recruitment
If you share our view we encourage you to join us! Talk to one of our officers in-game: Jobear, Sillyways, Fasiar or Jarlleila - or ask a guild member to get in contact with us.

You can also add Binnx#21536 or Totenlieber#2806.

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