[H] <Hidden Spirits> Recruiting

Hidden Spirits Is a new guild on Ragnaros (Horde), made by a group of friends that met through wow and share a similar mindset and goals.

We want to build a community based on friendship and trust and are looking for people that want to enjoy a friendly environment with a lot of banter and are socially active. We spend our time doing keys, PvP, raid and everything in between.

Our Guild ethic is to stay friendly and ONLY like minded people will be considered. We value the character of our members over everything else.

We are a heroic raiding guild. Beyond that we might expand into mythic at a later stage but only if it happens organically.

Outside of tank slots we currently are open for all roles on the raid roster and also accept social members that don’t explicitly search for more serious raiding. For those we will have a dedicated (optional) social/alt raid once a week - usually on Friday evenings.

Raid days:

Thursday: 19:00-22:00
Sunday: 15:00-18:00

For a chat or any information contact an officer on discord or via B-Net.

Weffe#6408 (B-Net: Wffe#2960)
Flair#9356 (B-Net: Flair#21431)

We are able to rapidly fill open slots.

At this point, for our raid roster, we are exclusively looking for:

Mage (preferably fire) (high)
Priest (healer, preferably Disc) (medium)
Monk (preferably WW) (medium)
Warlock (medium)
Hunter (low)

No class restrictions for people that want to join our social ranks.

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