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We are a guild made of experienced older players with a limited raiding schedule. We are raiding late nights, 22-00:30, Friday and Saturday. We are a mature and relaxed group of people that want to enjoy their time in the game. We have a lot of raiding experience and have played this game for over 10 years.

We have cleared Uldir HC and since we didn’t have a large enough group of people for mythic progress we have decided to relax a bit and try to recruit more players before new raid hits.

We are looking for experienced mature raiders to help us progress in the next raid tier. We are not a hardcore guild, but we are all mythic raiders and we want to progress as much as possible in the limited raiding time that we have.

If you think that we are the kind of guild that you are looking for feel free to contact me via Bnet: Starshade#2322

See you in the game


Holy Pally lf a social relaxing guild. Your times suit me on Saturday and some Fridays (RL commitments). 360 gear atm on this char and I have a hunter @ 339. I am looking to find a new home and some new friends after drifting in the nether of no guild for a while now. Reply below or message me ingame.


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We are still looking for a few more raiders for the raid start next week. 2 more healers and a few more dps.

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