[H] <HOLD MY DRINK I GOT THIS> - recruiting

(Starwraith) #1
<HOLD MY DRINK I GOT THIS> is a newly formed late night raiding guild on Stormscale.

Members are mostly older, experienced players with real life commitments that have a limited raiding schedule. We are all veteran raiders with a lot of raiding experience all the way back from vanilla. We are not a hardcore progression guild, but we aim to have a decent mythic progression with the limited raiding time, while keeping a relaxed attitude and enjoying our raiding nights. There is enough stress in real life, we are playing this game to relax.

We are looking for good players who are willing to come prepared and give their all in those few hours of raiding that we have each week. Current progress is 8/8 HC Uldir and we need more players to start our mythic runs.

Our raiding times are Friday and Saturday from 22:00h-00:30h

To join us you can leave a post with your armory link and experience on Recruitment channel on our Discord: https://discord.gg/EeuXwS8

(Thaniel) #2
Are you guys looking for a tank?

(Starwraith) #3
Not really, but i will check with other officers and get back to you :)

(Avangialine) #4
Are you in need of a resto druid? Currently 8/8 HC 4/8 Mythic

(Starwraith) #5
Sure. We do need a few healers. We would be happy to have you.

Since there are no PMs on the forums I have sent you an ingame mail :)

(Starwraith) #6

I am sorry buddy, but we do not really need a tank. If you are trying to find a raiding group for you, we would not be a good fit.

(Starwraith) #7
We are still looking for players :)

(Carminax) #8
You need a DK for tanks or deeps? :D

(Starwraith) #9

You are a bit undergeared, but we can try you out if you want to join.

whisper me ingame, or send me an ingame mail :)

(Starwraith) #10
Still looking for new members. Want to be prepared for when 8.1 hits :)

(Totemdancer) #11
I'm currently leveling my shaman in the hopes of returning to raiding. Your schedule fits really well for me. Would you be open to accepting me as a social for now? I'd be happy to chat more in-game if you have any questions

(Starwraith) #12
Wisp me ingame totemdancer. We will work something out :)

(Sáphir) #13

Experienced Raider in Vanila and BC but not BFA. (Im not a retard so i learn quick)
Lokking for a Raiding guild that do M+ and raid atlest every reset.

The toon are a BM Hunter 344 now i think (Dinged a week ago)

If im to low for your HC setup for the moment I´l gladly do M+ untill yuo want me in the Team! :)

Batteltag encor#2609

(Starwraith) #14
We could still use a few more good players. All classes and specs are welcome.

(Illimaker) #15

We are 5 friends looking for a new raiding guild after ours died.
Ours progress was 8/8Hc and 2/8M.
We're looking for a 2/3days, casual/semi-hardcore guild to weekly clear HC and progress on Myth possibly with adoult and mature people.

We are currently playing:
-windwalker/mistweaver monk
-frost mage
-blood/frost DK
-Havoc DH
-BM Hunter

If you want to pm us ingame:

(Starwraith) #16
Still need a few more. Any class or spec is fine.