[H] Holy Pala LF raid

Hello, I am looking for an organized weekly raid on any days except Wednesday/Sunday (yup :frowning:) alt/casual run in a bigger guild would be great; my aim is to see the raids (any difficulty) this xpac without grinding it out in pugs.

Mained heals (druid/sham) from ICC to end of legion got most of the curves with some mythic bosses (heroic back in the day) and did m+ 15-19, hpala is reroll for Shadowlands, reply down below or send me an ingame mail if you might have a spot for me


hello we are looking for a pally healer if your still looking for a guild add me on my btag ryan691#2739. We are 9/10 hc going to be 10/10hc and then we going to push
into mythic

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