[H] Holy pally LF Guild - Stormscale



LF new guild as the one I am currently in has died a death. I am looking for casual raiding 21:30ST to 00:00 pref time slot. I’m available all week other than Fridays. I am willing to migrate to another server for the right community but would prefer to stay on stormscale if poss. I’ve played on and off since Vanilla with the majority of my raiding time through TBC and WOTLK. I raided late legion and some casual raiding in BFA. Currently at 376 IL so have some work to get to heroic level current raid. Looking for fun mature who don’t take the game too seriously (by that I mean don’t bring the drama and remember this is a game). Looking to make some new friends in game.

Thanks for reading. Reply below or chat to me on



Is your aim a guaranteed mythic raid or will you just enjoy playing with a heroic raid community/guild? If you enjoy heroic as your main goal, with possible (not guaranteed) mythic then Punished might be the place for you.

We are not on Stormscale, but as we are a community then a servers you play on has no relevance.

We are in search for a holy paladin to complete a full set, as we have a retri and a prot already!

You said your preferred raid times are from 21.30 ST, will 21.00 ST start be do early for you? And furthermore do you mind joining half way the raid or not if you cannot make it for the real start? As if you don’t mind an arrangement like that could work for us as well.
Our raid times are Wed and Thurs from 21 to 00 ST

You are welcome to join us on our raids before making your choice in joining the guild/community, without any feel that you will be letting us down cause you didn’t like us :).

If you feel that chill, fun, mature and casual raiding with older people is for you then poke me on discord for a chat: Mari#6813 (for faster a reply) or if you prefer bnet only then: Sonnillon#2571 in-game (although the reply won’t come that fast as I do work during day time :).