[H] I am looking for a guild

Hey there,
I am on Zandalar Tribe for two weeks now and I mostly like the server. Now I’m looking for a guild.
What you need to know about me: I am a slow leveler, I hate rushing and that rude “gogogo” “boost” attitude. I like to have people around me in order to make azeroth a more comfortable and cozy place. It’s my first real horde char ever and also my first warrior ever. So, I have to admit I am probably pretty noobish. But in my future guild this should’nt matter. It should be more important that people help each other than rushing through the content and maximize everything. I choose my skill-points by feeling and not by any guides from the internet. My orc shall be a unique piece. I’m open minded to RP and sometimes practice it myself (but rather spontaneous than professional) but I think it’s a good thing.
I would be very glad if there was a guild who could imagine me as their future member. Just let me know.

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Hi there Yanogar and welcome to Zandalar Tribe!

The guild I’m in, Gambits, are recruiting more players to join us for future raids. We are a casual, relaxed raiding guild that also help new comers level up, do dungeons and get prepared for future raiding. We also put no pressure on leveling either, we want people to enjoy the game and level at their own pace whilst being apart of a fun, active and light hearted community.

If you would like to know more just whisper anyone online and they’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

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Hey Rabbit,
thanks for your response. I am glad you responded! It sounds actually really good and seems to fit with my cenceptions! In the following days I will whisper you or someone of your guild so we can get in touch eventually! Had much to do privately last week so I couldnt reply earlier. Sorry.

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