(H) <Infestation> (Draenor ) 12/12H / 3/12M Recruiting

Hello there, are you still looking for a holy Paladin? I’d like to refer you to my post if you’d be interested.

hey would you be able to add me on bnet so we could have a chat yourfate#2404

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Resto druid here interested in joining

if you are looking for a guild with a clueless gm who knows nothing about his class then this is a guild for you!

During the raids you will often hear the raid leader saying ermmm i don’t know … whats that mechanic called and a general lets wing it attitude.

one of the officer team in particular takes active critism as an insult and often boasts about how he will message guild masters of those who leave purely to spite them i would highly recommend avoiding this guild like the plague he did this with one priest and some others before and has boasted about recent ones too!

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