[H] <Insomnia> Recruiting raiders & socials !

EU-Golemagg PvE/PvP Guild
Recruiting raiders and socials!

About us:
We are a bunch of people who played back in vanilla (we are old as f*** lol), and have played lots of retail and private servers ever since.
We are a PvE focused guild, looking for semi-hardcore players that want to clear content fast and smooth.
Due to the current dificulty level, we have a pretty casual approach to the game at the moment, but do still expect our guild members to perform on raid nights!
We expect pretty high raid attendance and try to keep our raid roster at around 45 people, in order to avoid benching anyone, because noone likes that.

Raid stuff and things:
Currently we raid 2-2½ hours every sunday evening at 20:00 server time, clearing both MC and Onyxia.
When BWL is released, we will add another raid day on Wednsday or Thursday, with raid starting at 20:00 server time. This day will remain a raid day untill we are able to clear both MC and BWL in one evening.
We use a combination rolling+1 and loot council to determine who gets what items, with a guild rank prio system of Raider>Member>Trial for rare items and Raider=Member>Trial for everything else (Lists can be found on discord)
For progress raiding we expect you to show up with comsumables (list is in our discord), with propper specs and your gear fully enchanted. However, once raid content is on farm, we do allow our raiders to use less/no consumables and non-optimal specs. Our goal is not to do a 30 min speedyboi clear, but to have fun and clear content in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you want more info or wish to apply, feel free to join our discord at discord.gg/ufv7cCy or contact Alekty, Xeres or Happyheals in-game and we’ll have a chat!

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