[H] - <Jynx> 5/10 Mythic LFM

Founded originally back in 2008 is an international and Semi-Hardcore PvE guild on Kazzak EU.

We are currently recruiting players primarily for our core team. Our application is open to any exceptional player that strives to achieve Cutting Edge in current content. We take priority in providing a drama and toxic free environment for all and a relaxed, mature atmosphere.

What do we expect from you as a raider:

  • We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance as the goal of the raid is always to achieve a cutting edge during the current tier.

  • Full knowledge of your class

  • Knowledge of the current tier.

  • Strong attendance 95%+.

  • A stable computer and internet connection.

  • To have a fully functional mic and able to speak is highly desired.

  • The ability to accept criticism without taking it personally.

  • Your character needs to be optimized with adequate gear, flasks, pots, gems ect

  • To show interest in guild activities outside of raiding, such as farming M+

What can you expect from us:

  • We’re eager to give everyone the chance to maintain a healthy balance between real-life and the game, hence we have set our raid times to be as efficient as possible for players to achieve that balance.
  • You’re to play in a stable and solid guild, led by an experienced raid leader who makes sure every aspect of the guild is well managed.

Raid Days:

  • Main raid - Wednesday/ /Sunday 19:00 ST to 22:00 ST. (Temporary 3 nights a week for progression for three weeks then dropping back to two)

What we are looking for:




Range DPS:


Melee Dps:


Despite our current recruitment needs, we will all way’s consider other applications.

Minimum requirements:

We ask that people that are intending to apply to join our mythic team, to be at least one or two out of ten mythic, and to have a minimum of 210 I-lvl.

If you’re interested in joining us or if you have an inquiry please do not hesitate to add the following officers:

Emmi2013#2825 GM // Airiain#4406 (Discord)
diyone#2435 Co GM
Astro#21726 Co GM

Apply here


We are currently looking for the following classes, how ever, all applicants will be considered.


Disc priest

Melee Dps


Range Dps

Shadow Priest

Recruitment needs Update:

We are now looking for


All other applications will be considered

Progression update

Currently 6/10 normal

Looking to bolster our roster with exceptional - how ever all applications considered

Updated with our current progression,

10/10 Normal CN
3/10 Heroic CN

in regard’s to recruitment, we are mainly looking for dps that have either a Healer or tanking OS

How ever all applications will be considered, and socials are welcome to join!

Progression update 10/10N 6/10 HC


Warrior dps
Dk dps

All range classes considered

only apply if you can do the days and times listed above

We are currently 7/10 hc

And looking for solid dps to join our core team!

Warrior dps
Dk dps
Shadow priest!

Recruitment update.

We are looking to expand our roster with strong dps to continue progression in CN Hc and into mythic, we are currently looking for additional DPS


Other classes maybe considered

​​​​​​​Healers and tanks at this moment are not required.

we’re now 8/10 hc with strong progression on 9th boss!

Looking to add another boomkin to our roster and shadow priest, warrior dps also desired

9/10 HC.

Looking for exceptional DPS to join our core team - all classes considered

We have now started our mythic progression, currently 1/10 Mythic

We are prioritizing

Shadow priest
Unholy DK

ideal I-lvl is 200+ With at least some hc experience. How ever we will consider all applications.

contact me on Airiain#4406 (Discord) for more info

We are currently 2/10M with hungering on 3%

We are now looking for:

Monk tank,

Disc priest

We will how ever consider any range dps applicant - and welcome players for social and M+

We are not 3/10 mythic,

Currently recruiting for:

Monk tank

All other applications will be considered, and socials very much welcomed.

we are currently looking for exceptional dps ( all classes considered)

Top priority to

WW monk
Ele shaman
Fire Mage

3/10 with lady on 5%

Looking for


we are now 4/10 M Looking for one exceptional player to join our core team


to join our core team

Currently seeking a resto shaman to join our core team.

We are now welcoming applications from all DPS classes