[H - Kazzak] <Architects> 3/10 M | LF Mage, balance druid, DH dps and Disc priest

Hello and thank you for checking out our post!

Architects is the rebirth of a guild on Sylvanas called Epilogue where our core got to know each other well while clearing PvE content.
Our goal is to create an awesome community of friendly and talented gamers where everyone feels at home.

We raid two days each week with a strong focus on progress while being able to have a great time.
This does not mean that we will hold someone’s hand as individual performance will be very important since everyone is expected to bring their A-game each raid.

Our raiding schedule:
Wednesday 19:30-23:00
Sunday 19:30-23:00

Does this sound interesting to you?
Do you want to be a part of a guild of talented gamers with a great community?

Feel free to add my battletag: kanpaigaming#2510
Or contact me directly on Kazzak in-game: Nordstroom

You can also get in touch by heading over to our Discord server:

Best regards,
Nordstrom, Guild Master of Architects

Hello everyone!

We have a Discord that I added to the main post that you’re welcome to join if you would like to have a chat about the guild.

See you there, enjoy your weekend!


With some new recruits joining us these past few days, it’s about time we start shaping our roster for Shadowlands.

What we’re currently in the most need of is:
Resto Shaman
Disc Priest
Holy Priest / Mistweaver
Affliction Warlock
Outlaw Rogue

Do note that we value exceptional players more than certain specs so feel free to contact me if the guild seem interesting to you.

Thank you.

Updated recruitment roster!
What we’re looking for at the moment is:

Disc priest
Holy Priest / Mistweaver
Affliction Warlock
Beast Mastery Hunter
Outlaw Rogue
Shadow Priest

Any class not listed is still of interest to us as most people are able to change specs and/or classes before Shadowlands.

Updated recruitment roster!

We’re very interested in more healers.
Any dps classes is interesting at the moment besides mages.

Feel free to join our discord for more information.



Our roster is still going strong but we’re still in need of the following to complete the raiding team for Shadowlands:

Resto Druid//Holy Priest
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin

If you’re interested in getting CE in all tiers during Shadowlands together with a team of super friendly and talented raiders, contact me for more information.


Hey there!

Currently at 2/10 M with Hungering taking his last few breaths any day now.
We’re interested in a Mage and Shadow Priest in order to complete the roster.

Regards, Nordstroom.