[H] (KAZZAK) <NagasWithAttitude> 3/10 M RECRUITING

Raid Information – 19:00–23:00 Server Time on Wednesday and Sunday.

a guild founded in May 2020 on the principles of an enjoyable atmosphere goal driven and dedicated individuals!
Current guild progress is 3/10 M with the goal of Cutting Edge!.
Our Core Mythic Raid team requires people who are self-driven, friendly and willing to help other members of their team!

Past Progress
8/12M - Ny’alotha

What we look for :
-> Knowledge of your class (You don’t need alts just be good at one thing)
-> People who are self-motivated to research their own class as well as figuring out how to maximize their class on a specific fight. Tank and spank is no longer a thing so knowing how to move is important.
-> Some previous experience. AOTC is sufficient provided its not at the end of a tier.
-> Working Microphone & Good Spoken English

What can WE offer you!

-> A raid team where tactics are discussed.
-> A New and healthy beginning with motivated players.
-> An environment where real life comes before the game. If something comes up and you can’t avoid it or are just having a difficult time, speak to one of the officers! WE do care about our members.

Zyft - aalsayegh#2799 (BNet)

Bump! 2/10 M - recruitment still open for DPS spots


3/10 M - recruitment still open for:

  • Unholy DK
  • FIre Mage
  • Balance Druid

Tank/Healer positions are filled, however if you think you are an exceptional player, please apply!


4/10 M this sunday! still recruiting for our mythic roster!

  • Unholy DK
  • Holy Pala
  • Resto Sham
  • Resto Druid
  • Balance Druid
  • Affliction Warlock