[H] [Kazzak] <Shroud> 8/10M semi-hardcore guild

Shroud is a semi-hardcore guild formed by a group of friends with past Cutting Edge experience that decided to create a place where we would feel at home. We pride ourselves on having a very forward and open approach with everyone because we believe this is the way that we will improve as individuals and as a team.

We are currently 8/10M with a roster built solely on this tier.

What can you expect from us

  • A stable raiding environment with clear officer direction with the aim of Cutting Edge.
  • A helpful and encouraging environment to make you strive as best as possible.
  • Open, honest, and consistent communication is key. We consider your opinion and point of view with importance since we are in this together.

What do we expect from you

  • Your character(s) should always be maximally optimized in terms of gear, gems, and enchants;
  • You should understand and know the encounter at hand as best as possible as a whole as well as for your given spec;
  • Bring the required consumables;
  • Punctuality, raid invites traditionally go out 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • To check your own logs and search for improvements.
  • A positive and respectful attitude towards others as well as yourself! Despite the guild striving for excellence, it is a game and we play for fun.

Raid Times

We are a three-day raiding team. We start at 21:30 Server Time. Why not 19 or 20? We believe that at 21:30 people can relax with dinner time, kids and wives, and just come raid focused on getting that progress.

Wednesday – 21:30 – 24:00
Thursday – 21:30 – 24:00
Sunday – 21:30 – 24:00

If you have any additional questions add pipiy#2837 on battle.net or pipiy#7603 on discord